Babies, kids & Teens

At CompMed we treat babies, kids and teens with Acupuncture and Shonishin and we make it fun

Our resident paediatric acupuncturist Nancy Lee will listen to you and your child and help you to understand the holistic approach to your child's health by teaching you techniques and strategies you can employ at home. 

Shonishin is used on newborns, babies, toddlers and children. The Shonishin method is designed to 'reset' your child's system and create a stress free environment so their body can heal itself. Shonishin practitioners note many subtle things going on in your child to form an individual treatment approach at every session. These include brightness of eyes, emotions, strength of movement, facial colour, quality of skin- lustre- shape and elasticity, voice strength, pitch, breathing, finger vein diagnosis, abdominal diagnosis, temperature of skin at acu points, bumps and divets, hair diagnosis, musculoskeletal imbalances, appetite, feeding habits, stool, urine, behaviour, pain, sleep, as well as listening to parents concerns, reassuring both parent and child and performing the treatment. This is done quickly and with little fuss so the child has an enjoyable experience. Shonishin does not use inserted acupuncture needles, instead tools are tapped, rubbed or pressed on the body surface making for a gentle, non-invasive treatment approach. Shonishin can help many children's conditions, treatments take around 30 minutes and are designed to match your childs needs and sensitivity with a goal to restore and stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Many teenage issues can be addressed using acupuncture, herbs and dietary lifestyle adjustments including hormonal fluctuations, stress, acne, emotional ups and downs, pain, appetite and growing pains to name a few.

Nancy Lee understands the dynamic life of the teenager and will listen to and address your teens needs so they look forward to their visits to CompMed, a supportive space where they can totally relax and unwind from the pressures of being a teen today.