You're tired of being told you don’t look sick, your friends say you’re just getting older? maybe if you got more exercise? and you're getting plenty of unsolicited medical advice from everyone.. which makes you want to scream!!

At CompMed we understand Fibromyalgia Syndrome. We know you are tired of searching for answers to your pain and want to get on with your life.

We are here to help.


CompMed owner and Senior Registered acupuncturist John Deare has a published Cochrane review on Acupuncture for treating Fibromyalgia and was an invited guest speaker at the Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Annual Conference 2015 on the subject Read more...


If you have fibromyalgia you may be experiencing diffuse chronic musculoskeletal pain syndrome, multiple tender points usually at the end of muscles and any or all of the following: chronic headaches, sleep disorders, dizziness, cognitive impairment, memory loss, anxiety, depression, myofascial pain, twitches, fatigue, problems urinating, vision problems, jaw dysfunction, pain, weight gain, cold sensations, multiple chemical sensitivity, skin complaints, chest pain, nausea, morning stiffness in joints, painful periods.


CompMed acupuncture practitioners use history, pulse and tongue to categorise FMS into a Chinese medical diagnosis. This helps us to develop an individualised treatment approach for you. Usually your initial acupuncture dosage will be twice weekly for four weeks then reviewed and adjusted according to progress. You may also be prescribed appropriate supplements.


Some helpful FMS information you may or may not know: 

Things that can worsen your symptoms

  • Day time napping may not help FMS, seems to increase symptoms especially ‘pain’.

Things that can help your condition

  • Tai Chi/ Qi Gong/Yoga/mindful mediation

  • Swimming in warm water

  • Aerobic exercise (must be gentle)

  • Cognitive therapies


For information on these programs in your local area just ask us at CompMed during your consultation and we will point you in the right direction.