Nancy Lee  

Registered Acupuncturist

Reg No.CMR0001955621

BHSc (Acupuncture)

Cert. Master Nagano's Shonishin Paediatric Acupuncture Therapy

AACMA Accredited Member


Our registered acupuncturist Nancy Lee (BHScAcu) treats babies and children to bring greater balance to the family. Nancy has a passion for helping babies, kids and teens achieve health through modern Japanese no needle acupuncture (Shonishin), Chinese dietetics, herbal and nutritional supplements and lifestyle advice. The Shonishin method is designed to reset your child's system and create a stress free environment so their body can heal itself. Today, Nancy educates mothers in the Shonishin method as part of her treatment approach because she believes you can play a strong part in healing your child at home. Nancy is a mother of three children and has extensive knowledge and experience in the Chinese medicine approach to newborn health, post-partum health, childhood development and teenage issues. 


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