Nutritional Supplements & Lifestyle

"Food can dispel harmful influences, bequeath the internal organs, refresh the spirit and replenish the qi and blood."

Sun Simiao 600CE

At CompMed we take into account every aspect of your nutrition and lifestyle and may make adjustments and or prescribe supplements to help you gain balance in your eating, drinking and lifestyle habits. You will be questioned about your food and water intake as well as coffee, alcohol and your exercise habits. Sometimes you will be asked to keep a food diary so we can observe eating habits and times. Your eating environment, dietary requirements, budget and tastes will be considered.

There are no rigid requirements to Chinese dietary therapy, we will help you regain balance within so that your body makes healthy choices based on what you need, avoiding unhealthy choices. We integrate your diet and lifestyle to help address your current condition because nutritional therapy forms part of the holistic approach to health at CompMed. Our supplements are of the highest practitioner only quality.


CompMed Health Institute supports the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. We use high quality, practitioner only Chinese herbal formulas to support your treatments. Chinese herbal formulas form one of the main therapeutic modalities of Chinese Medicine (CM) and have been shown to be effective for a broad range of conditions. Each formula has been designed to address a specific condition and can be used in accordance with your acupuncture treatment and/or nutritional supplements.